Lincoln Red

The St Fort herd was started by Andrew Mylius in 1963. A ‘golden age’ was enjoyed during the 1970′s with 171 females in the herd and many Championships won at major shows. Cattle were exported to Argentina and Canada. The St Fort herd remains prominent in the Lincoln Red Society.

The present herd is made up of 20 Native cows, 60 Pedigree cows and their followers.

Beverley Noble will remain as our principal stock bull for 2016 and he will be joined by the young Native bull St Fort Squire. Sired by Norton Beau and with Brooks Thora 119th as his Grand-dam he has exceptional genes on both sides of his breeding. His daily liveweight gain to 400 days was 1.76kg.

Breeding heifers and bulls are usually for sale.

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